SERVICES OFFERED BY the Confucius Institute at Makerere University

The Confucius institute offers Chinese lessons to degree students at Makerere University offering B.A arts and B.A Social Sciences with the Chinese language as a subject.

The Confucius institute also offers short courses as listed below;

  1. Chinese language and culture (Beginners)
  2. Chinese Language and Culture (Intermediate)
  3. Chinese advanced course
  4. Beginner’s certificate in Chinese for business
  5. Beginner one (HSK1)
  6. Beginner two (HSK2)
  7. Intermediate one (HSK3)
  8. Intermediate two (HSK4)
  9. Advanced one (HSK5)
  10. Advanced two (HSK6)

The above courses are offered on day and evening programmes to the following categories of people

  • Business people        
  • University students and employees,
  • Graduates from various institutions 
  • Students on their S4&S6 vacation,
  • Students in secondary and primary schools
  • People with intentions of working, staying and studying in china and other Chinese speaking communities

NB. Special classes can be organized for corporate organizations at their places of work and for individuals at their residences.